Ruocco Equestrian Show Team

We are excited to offer the Ruocco Equestrian Show Team to all riders who lease or own horses and participate in our lesson program! A lot of exciting events are always in motion and we welcome you to learn more about, offer input, and join our show team. There will be shows to attend together, organized clinics, team-building opportunities, and more.

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Show Team Gallery

SCHC Jingle Bells

SCHC Jingle Bells

GSDHJA December 2024 Hunter Jumper Show
GSDHJA Champ Show

GSDHJA Champ Show

GSDHJA October 2023 Hunter Jumper Champ Show
SCHC Hits Del Mar

SCHC Hits Del Mar

GSDHJA July 2023 Hunter / Jumper Show Series
Seaside Equestrian Tour

Seaside Equestrian Tour

NEE / USEF March 2023 Hunter Jumper Show

Show Team Training

At Ruocco Equestrian Training we seek to provide our riders with only the highest level of training. If you are not currently enrolled in our training program please visit the links below to learn how you can join our riding school and/or show team.

Show Team Requirements

RuoccoEquestrianShowTeamMembership Dues

Our Show Team requires a annual membership fee. Your commitment to the team will help to improve training goals, organize shows, research clinics, and more.

– Sign up fee $75 per member

– Membership dues will go towards the required yearly team apparel

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ruocco-show-team-logo-transTeam Apparel

Each show team member will be required to purchase one long or short sleeve team branded polo shirt. Other items will also be available to purchase and to offer to friends and family who would like to support our show team. (Costs TBD)

– Shirts (long or short sleeves)

– Hats

– Jacket

– Sweatshirt

– Saddle pad

*Team apparel will have a unique design and color (colors may change each season)

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Show Attendance

Show team members will be required to attend 4 shows per season. Sample shows per experience are listed below. As our team riders progress the shows and show levels should adjust accordingly. Our trainer will help you in choosing the right shows for your level!

– Beginner Example = 4 Sunnyside or other beginner show

– Intermediate Example = 4 Sweetwater, Echo, Pot of Gold, or other Intermediate show

– Advanced Example = 2 Intermediate shows + 1-2 Del Mar or other advanced show

*Possibility to mix and match any levels with minimum of 4 shows per season

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Our goal is to have a minimum of one meeting every 6-8 weeks. Our meetings will offer an open forum with a great opportunity to share ideas on how we can improve our training, our facility and give back to our community.

– Members must attend a minimum amount per season (amount TBD)

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RuoccoEquestrianShowTeamGroup Activities

In our meetings we will come up with some fun and engaging group activities to help boost team moral and improve our training facility. Members will be expected to participate in as many group activities as possible.

Barn Improvements

– Jump painting

– Plant, tree or succulent donating/planting

Team Boosting

– Potlucks

– Trail Rides

– Field Trips

– Games

– Team Lessons

Show Season Celebration

– End-of-year potluck & recognition gathering

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Ruocco Equestrian Show TeamCommunity Service

A big part of our show team is to participate in community service events. We want to be contributors to our society and volunteer our services as a group. Community service ideas will be discussed at our meetings.

Giving-back Charity Ideas


– Humane Society

– American Wild Horse Campaign

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Show Team Registration

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